Monday, June 19, 2006

Waving Goodbye to Gill

He told me he was going to post a goodbye message, but I forgot to check for it for 3 weeks! Here it is, belatedly: Dr. Glen Gill (a colleague here are Troy) is giving up blogging.

It is a strange moment for me, since it was Gill who first came up with the idea that we might start blogging. You can tell, too, from his comments that he and I have had strikingly different experiences, when he writes:
I have two books and about five articles in the proverbial pipeline, and
blogging has done little to assist this process.

As for me, the time I spend blogging would probably not be spent on any productive process -- more likely, I'd spend it watching the latest Strong Bad E-Mail (this is why, as many people have noted, my posts tend to be early in the morning or late at night). His bone of contention seems to be that blogging doesn't do much for the creation of ideas, but I would argue that it is more about the transmission of ideas. I've had far more people ask for off-prints of my scholarly work through my blog than I ever had from conferences. In other words, blogging doesn't much help me write scholarship, but it does help put that scholarship in front of others. And frankly, I just don't have time to edit books and write articles that no one will ever read.

In any case, though I'll probably still see him every day, in an odd way I'll miss seeing him hanging around the blogosphere. I guess I'll have to harrass Dr. Steven Taylor more often.

So long, Dr. Gill!

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