Thursday, September 21, 2006

Manuel II Paleologus? Never Heard of Him.

One side effect of the flap over the Pope's comments is that people are suddenly expressing an interest in the late-medieval Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus. Several people have asked me about him, and asked me why I haven't blogged about him.

I haven't blogged about him because I don't know anything about him. Most of what I study is far, far away in both time and space from Manny II. Read this link, and you'll already know more than I do.

I implore the Pope, please start quoting Alfred the Great or Wulfstan in controversial contexts. I'd like to be considered relevant.


  1. I think his holding up of such an obscure Byzantine emperor as an authority is pretty peculiar. And the dialogue is cited in a 40 year old edition.

    Is the pile of books next to the bed that big?

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