Friday, September 01, 2006

My Hip Facebook Page

Given the tone of called "Why I Registered on Facebook," I am apparently hip and cool and cutting-edge for having a Facebook page -- which is a great way to make announcements.

My own Facebook page is here.* I never felt the anxiety about numbers of "friends" on Facebook, since my "friends" aren't really friends at all -- they are all students and relatives and colleagues. By the way -- I have 83 friends, but Steven Taylor has only 27 friends. This is because he is a social outcast, no doubt a result of his penchant for wearing white after Labor Day.

The dumbest thing about Facebook? At the top of your own page, just over your picture, the heading reads "Your Name's Profile (This is you)." I like the "This is you" aside -- Facebook must have many users with identity crises.

*I'm not sure how or if that link will work for Facebook users. If it goes nowhere, my apologies.


  1. I guess I'm more of a social outcast than either of you. I've only got 23 friends (two of which are you and Dr. Taylor). I'll have to work on that. BTW, should Dr. T take this as a challenge?

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Oh yeah?!? ... ummm ....

    What's a facebook? Does this,10,9 count? If not, why not? Can't lawyers have "friends", or even the occasional friend, too?

  3. I forgot to say earlier, I've always thought the whole "this is you" thing quite funny too. I, however, always assumed it was to help out the drunken facebook user. :)

  4. I'll check this "Facelift," errrrrr....."Facesit," oh whatever, out.

    Thanks for the "Face-up," Prof.

    Stay on Groovin' (DNA Jungle) Safari, TOR