Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blogger Misbehaves

I've just had to delete two posts here, because, for some reason, Blogger republished this Claymation Grendel post twice in quick succession. I'm not sure why Blogger is suddenly republishing random old posts. My apologies to Wordhoard subscribers, who must have felt as mystified as me to find old posts popping up in the e-mail.

Bad Blogger! Bad!


  1. Stop teaching, reading, marking, researching, and start posting again!

    Man, where are your priorities?

  2. I can see your tongue firmly planted in your cheek, but it's always a little surprising when people who I didn't even know were reading the Wordhoard come up to me and say, "You haven't posted in three days? What's the problem?"

    It's pretty flattering to know that there are people out there who check the Wordhoard every day, and a little intimidating, too, since that only increases the risk of me saying something stupid.

    Yet, here I remain, day after day, risking outing myself as an idiot! I hope you Wordhoarders realize how hard it is for a fool to sound wise!