Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Public Speaking Engagements

As regular readers of this space know, I'm available for public speaking engagements, such as civic groups, reading or book clubs, church groups, science fiction/fantasy conventions, high school English classes, etc. These tend to be on medievalist themes (like King Arthur, Tolkien, medieval magic, etc), and are aimed at popular audiences. They also tend to be very well received, so you won't be accused of arranging something boring (unless you want me as a guest speaker at a high school, where all adults are considered boring).

Looking at my schedule for this last quarter of 2006, I see that my calendar is filling up. If any Wordhoarders out there would like me to come to your convention, meeting, or whatever, I would strongly recommend you e-mail me sooner rather than later. Between engagements in Asia, end-of-year family commitments, completing research projects, and so forth, not too many days are left unaccounted for.

E-mail me soon if you want me to speak. If you have a specific subject you want me to speak on (something for which I don't already have a prepared talk with audio-visuals), you have to give me even more warning time to prepare new materials.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I have a lead on an extended speaking engagement for you: can you be in Smith 267 at 1:00, on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from today until. . .say. . .December 6th?