Monday, November 20, 2006

Try Our Dragon -- It Tastes Just Like Pork!

According to this story, Welsh Dragon Pork Sausages will have to renamed to avoid confusing customers who might think it actually contains dragon.

In fact, I once used to own a dragon farm, where we farm-raised dragons for the sausage-making industry. Unfortunately, because of the high overhead, we could not compete with pork producers, and the business went under. The flame-retardant pens were not cheap, and neither was establishing our anti-knights-errant perimeter, but the real cost came in the importation of virgins to feed to the stock (after all, when supplies are low, prices rise).

h/t Quid Nomen Illius?


  1. You had to raise red dragons. What did you expect after all? Damn things are smart. Bet you had a lot of trouble keeping help.

    Should've tried white dragons. Incredibly stupid; shouldn't be that hard to breed them for docility. And you can use their frost breath to chill the freezers where you keep freshly dressed carcasses.

  2. I'm without any good comeback.


    People might actually think they're eating dragon meat.


    Oh, dear.