Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why I Hate Michael Drout

I am currently being haunted by the Index That Would Not Die! I finally, after years (sic!) of chasing after people, got all the materials for the Curing Elf-shot and Other Mysterious Maladies book, and planned to get it in its more-or-less final form by the end of the week, when the Index That Would Not Die rose from its grave again, forcing me to beat it back down with a shovel while ignoring all the other projects that need to get done. Every time I think the Index is dead, it comes back again and forces me to perform hours of tedious work.

So, here I am, battling to the undeath with Index That Would Not Die, and what does the evil Michael Drout do? He posts Drout's Quick and Dirty Indexing System, and includes in the post this line: "I am getting my Wheaton Research Partners students ready to start indexing..."

You have students to do your indexing for you? I hate you, Michael Drout, oh how I loathe you!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go off and do some more index editing, followed by drinking gin in a fetal position in the corner.


  1. Why I Hate Michael Drout sounds like a British sitcom, or perhaps a novel.

  2. Soon I will be joining you in your loathing and hatred, as I will be getting my book proofs and the charge to do the index some time at the beginning of March. And then may I join you in plotting bloody revenge? Cuz I hear that works and never, ever starts an unending cycle of feuds.

  3. Anonymous2:08 AM

    You can do it that way, or you can spread 26 sheets of paper round the room, labeled A, B, C, etc., and walk about with your pdf for a week writing down key words and page nos onto the right sheet, then type it all up. I've done both, and I still prefer to get the exercise.