Thursday, March 29, 2007

Help Me Break 500!

For whatever reason, the blog-o-sphere is smiling on me today. According to Tracksy, I'm projected to hit 499 page views today.

499! Just one more, and I'll hit 500 ... which would be the highest ever.

So, my friends, here's a bleg: send links to your friends! Help me break 500! It'll just take the slightest bump to get me there. And once we've reached 500 hits, medievalists will be one step closer to total cosmic domination!

As a little incentive to send people here, here's a link to our first MediEvolution webcast. Also, here are some links to some random medieval weirdness. And, yes, I was the model for this picture.


  1. Did this do it? (I once won $50 of free groceries in a check-out line for being the millionth customer at an Albertson's. Not that I expect you to buy me Shredded Wheat, mind you.)

  2. Final count was only 386 ... apparently, after about 5PM things dwindled fast. The lesson learned here: People read the Unlocked Wordhoard at work, not at home.

  3. I always *knew* Fabio was a medievalist!

  4. The pattern of readership on my blog suggests that people read the blog at work, except on Friday when they must not really be at work. Then on Sunday evening some of them say, I wonder what happened on the weekend and fire up their web browser.

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