Friday, March 02, 2007


Troy University and I are proud to announce the launch of MediEvolution, a new website for fans and scholars alike. MediEvolution is devoted to the appreciation of medievalism, from the Middle Ages to the post-modern, from high culture to pop culture.

Periodically we will release a webcast video on our website, where viewers will be able to come see the episodes for free. A typical episode will be a light-hearted comedic piece, designed to draw viewers to the site. The only scholarly value of the episodes will probably be a few inside jokes for students of medieval literature. Once at the site, however, viewers will find fun material and interesting scholarly material interspersed – in effect, we bait them with fun material, then interest them in the more challenging material when they arrive. Our first webcast, MediEvolution News, is already available for viewing through a link on the main page.

The page is still very much under construction, and we invite submissions of popular articles and reviews dealing with medievalism, as well as announcements, suggestions for links, or just ideas to improve the website. Eventually we plan for the page to have various sections such as our Video Vault of medievalist videos available on the internet, homework help for students looking for genuine ideas for papers (not for those looking for plagiarism sources), teaching resources for high school teachers, and reviews of everything from books to movies to medieval-themed products. In essence, we hope that MediEvolution acts as both a gateway for medieval fans to learn more serious materials, as well as a place for serious scholars to engage in more whimsical pursuits.

Please make submissions to me at . Also, if I may bleg for a moment, I would appreciate it if all the Wordhoarders out there would add links to the MediEvolution page, in order to raise its Google profile.


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Great idea!

    By the way, first link is malformed, you might want to remove the reference to your site to make it work.

  2. Feh! You were right -- all fixed now.