Thursday, April 26, 2007

Charlemagne in Tawdry Sex Scandal with Hollywood Star!

Jeff Sypeck's presentation here on Troy University's campus on Becoming Charlemagne was really well received. Once he arrived, it was a whirlwind of interviews, presentations, signings, and very rich cake. Jeff is a personable guy, and I had such a delightful time chatting with him that neither of us got to bed at a decent hour. So, if Sypeck is coming to your area, I would encourage you to do more than just go to the book signing -- get to know him better!

One interesting fact that I did not know: Shirley MacLaine claims to have been Charlemagne's lover in a past life, and also has had an affair (in this life) with a reincarnation of Charlemagne. If I may add a little speculation -- MacLaine further claims to have been an orphan raised by elephants in a past life, and as we all know, Charlemagne had an elephant named Abul Abaz. I see no where that MacLaine claims to have been the human lover of Charlemagne, simply a "gypsy Moorish girl." Couldn't "gypsy Moorish girl" refer just as easily to a female elephant from Baghdad that travels for years before arriving in Aachen? I humbly submit to you, therefore, that Abul Abaz is the decendant of forbidden elephant/human marriage, and that therefore the name when Shirley MacLaine seduced Charlemagne, she did so in the incarnation of the elephant Abul Abaz. It's the only reasonable explanation.


  1. You'll have to bring Jeff Sypeck to Korea with you next time.

    Looks like I'll be presenting something this year ... on translation. At least, I think that it's me: "Jeffrey Godges." Hmmm ... something was lost in translation (or transliteration).

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  2. Ah, Richard, all that effort you put into earning your PhD was not wasted!

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