Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Speaking Opportunities

A couple of days ago, someone asked me if I would be available this summer for speaking engagements, and the surprising answer is YES! Because of a lot of uncertainty about my schedule earlier this spring, I was forced to leave my summer without strong commitments. The upshot is that I am now free to speak to your library / reading club / civic organization / SCA chapter / science fiction and fantasy convention, etc.

As of the last three of four days, though, the summer has started to be scheduled. If you are interested in having me speak about medieval stuff, contact me soon.


  1. No comment button on your "get medieval" post!

    What I wanted to say is, how much talk about Camelot was there before Kennedy was shot. I was in my early teens but I don't remember Kennedy being wildly popular before the assassination.

  2. Weird error ... I've fixed the problem, and re-stated your comment in the correct thread.