Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What about Louis the Fat?

Moyen Age is on a medieval diet ... sort of. It's more along the lines of a medieval-inspired diet. After all, it's improbable that Abelard and Heloise sat down to meals including buffalo bratwurtz, yams, and acorn squash. Still, it's pretty cool.

If medieval food is so healthy, then how do you end up with folks like Louis VI, a.k.a "Loius the Fat?"* I'm thinking of going on my own medieval diet, for those who are with me. For three months, I'll eat only:

Breakfast: Porridge (lots and lots of porridge)
Lunch: Salt pork and bacon. Bread with butter slathered on. A big hunk of cheese.
Dinner: Roast venison. Lots and lots of mead. Maybe I'll just skip the venison and get on with the mead.

Seriously, though, here some recipes for medieval dishes I found online. I can't vouch for either their authenticity or tastiness, but these seem easy enough to prepare.

*If he'd been from Sicily instead of France, we'd call him "Fat Louie" and he'd make guest appearances on The Sopranos.

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