Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Free Nokes Available to Good Session


I just found out that my session I was doing at the Medieval Congress in K'zoo fell through. In the last few months, I've turned down several requests for papers because I was already taken, but it turns out I'm available. Presumably, some of those sessions have already been filled, so I'm guessing some offers still stand, while others don't, so:

I'll present a paper in the session of the first organizer who asks, assuming it's on a subject I know something about. So, the first comment or e-mail I receive, I'm yours.

Ready ... set ... go!


  1. Oh Scott! I'm so sorry! I owe you several drinks.....yes, let the blogosphere casts its stones at me for bad behavior. (Though in my defence, no one actually sent me titles and abstracts on time either!)

  2. No worries -- I've had sessions that I was organizing fall through too.

    I didn't send you an abstract? Dang ... I must have confused the State of the Field article with the abstract in my memory!