Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Have Re-set the Internet. Prepare for the Apocalypse.

I came back from my weekend with the Cub Scouts, only to find that one zillion blog posts appeared in my RSS reader. There were so many posts that my hard drive jumped out of its casing, punched me in the face, and hitched a ride to Miami.

I'm very sorry for all of you who posted brilliant, exciting, unbelievable posts on topics medieval; I just deleted them all from my reader. Now, I'll never read them, and your genius will go unrecognized (well, unrecognized by me, anyway). Your only hope is that you created such a scandal that people will continue to blog about your post into the next week.

So, in light of my reason for ignoring you all, I give you The Knights of King Arthur, a Scout-like boys' club that flourished some time during the early 20th Century (does any Wordhoarder have exact dates?). The KoKA see themselves as a kind of supplement to Scouts, and even discuss the matter explicitly:
While the Knights may use and should use scouting and camp methods, its appeal is a higher one than that of the Scouts. It deals with the fraternal, the emotional and the intellectual, with a constant emphasis on the spiritual. The very ideals of the two movements show the difference; the ideal product of the Scouts is the scout, the agile frontiersman; the ideal product of the Knights is the knight, the Christian gentleman. The Scout movement may do this latter, the Knights can do nothing less or else.

See, it only seems like we were a bunch of men trying to scare boys with stories of Sasquatch sightings in the woods this weekend. Actually, we were producing the next generation of agile frontiersmen. And, with the collapse of civilization that will no doubt come because I erased all the posts on my RSS reader, those agile frontiersmen will have the survival skills they need.