Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Medieval Audio Podcasting

No, no -- that title isn't meant to suggest that people podcast during the Middle Ages*, but rather to direct you to some audio podcasts to which you can subscribe. I listen to them while I'm on my evening runs.

  • Chivalry Today is Scott Farrell's podcast promoting chivalric virtues in contemporary society. He's had a variety of interesting guests, including Steve Muhlberger, who will be familiar to Wordhoarders as a veteran medieval blogger.
  • Finding Camelot is Vangie Rich's podcast about, well, Camelot. These tend to be more along the lines of audio essays about a particular issue in Arthurian literature. I had thought that it went defunct at the end of last year, but Rich posted a new podcast in May of this year, so it's probably closer to the truth to say that it is a long time between updates.
  • The aptly-named Medieval Podcast tends to cover medieval church history. It appears to be defunct, but I listened to the few episodes that are available.
  • Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Michael Drout's Anglo-Saxon Aloud, which is essentially him reading Old English poetry.

Now, for some I haven't yet listened to:

There are probably others I don't know anything about ... any Wordhoarders have other treasures for us to hear?

*Though it would really be cool if they had. I'd love to hear Caedmon's podcast.


  1. Though it would really be cool if they had. I'd love to hear Caedmon's podcast.

    Well yeah, it would be way cool -- but Caedmon's podcast would just be Bede, talking in Latin. The Old English would be there, but I bet you'd have to listen to it backwards...

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    hi. i have been trying to download the ancient and medieval history podcast but have been unable to get it from your link. do you know where i can get it?