Monday, September 10, 2007

Medieval Tattoo Bleg

I've become interested medieval-themed tattoos for a book project I'm working on. I'm especially interested in medieval literary-themed tattoos if they are out there. So far, most of the medieval themed tattoos I've seen have fallen into two general categories: dragons, and celtic patterns.

I would love to hear about the medieval-themed tattoos Wordhoarders or their friends might have -- and would be especially delighted if folks were to send me (G-rated) images I could post. So, what of it? Any of you folks have or know of anyone with medieval-themed tattoos?


  1. Heh heh -- will be interesting to see what you get. I have a horn triskelion, the original drawing of which I think came from a runestone. I don't know if my hannunvaakuna counts as medieval, but it's supposed to date back that far. Later of course it is appropriated as Saint John's arms. Then there are the ones I haven't got to yet...

  2. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I went down to orlando to the Ilands of Adventure theme park and visited a street vendor that was opperating a coin press. I mentioned to him that I didn't see anything that I liked on the board. He then explained that he was a local tattoo artist and that he had a sheet of midevil mystic symbols that he could also do but wasn't supposed to under park rules. I ended up getting a celtic never-ending knot and a druid inspired triskelion. The guy offered me a discout if I wanted to come down to his shop and get an actual tatt, but as I was with my parents at the time it would not have been a wise thing to do.

  3. An underground market in medieval tattoos -- I love it!

  4. Hello Dr. Nokes! I have the last line of La Vita Nuova (also the title of my blog) and an illumination of Dante down my left side. I will try to rustle up a picture!

  5. I know one guy--I can't remember his real name, and I can't even remember his blog handle (it's a reference to Crying of Lot 49 I think)--who has a lovely image from the Book of Kells.

    Another fellow, a Columbia Italian PhD student, probably has a medieval-themed tattoo. Iirc, I know he has several passages from Job in Latin. I can put you in contact with him if you like: just email me.

    As for me, my first tattoo was a memento mori. Just the words "dead flesh" on my shoulder: somewhat medieval.

    (J. L. Jordan: wow).

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Sir if you are still interested in recieving images of medieval tattoos i have a recently done large Medieval Knight standing in front of his castle in full armour holding a huge sword in front of him on the top of my right arm, it took 7 hours to complete, it measures around 12 inches height ways and 7/9 inches width, it is in balck with a little colour for the cross of st george, it is a very artistic design and resembles a custom airbrushing style that you would see on a motorcycle tank.
    If you (or anyone) wants to mail me i will send you back some images and as i am not registered here maybe someone could post them for me.
    Next mth i am also having the whole of my left arm done with a medieval dragon at the bottom that wraps around my arm that is been slain by a knight on horseback at the top of my arm.
    Anyway my email address is

    Many thanks

    East Yorkshire
    The UK

  7. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Sir can you send me your email address again and i will mail you pictures of my tattoo.