Monday, September 17, 2007

Robert Jordan, RIP

Robert Jordan, author of the popular "Wheel of Time" series, died yesterday. You can find the AP article here, and although Dragonmount has only limited information at the moment, I assume they will have more and better links as time goes on.

I stopped reading the "Wheel of Time" a couple of books ago, mostly because by the time any new book came out, I had forgotten what had happened earlier, so I found I had to re-read all the previous books in the series to get the most out of the new releases. Eventually, it became too much to keep up. Still, I rather liked the political complexity of his universe, so often missing in that type of fantasy.


  1. Richard,
    If you like complex (political and otherwise) I'd suggest Stephen Erickson's Malazan series, of which 7 or so are out.

  2. Now I feel guilty. I've been joking about him dying before he finished the series for years. It serves me right that I just picked up book 11 as a post-orals celebration -- having read then entire series, except for the 10th book.

    very sad indeed. Odd to have a figure whose books I've been reading for 10 years now pass on. I liked the complexity of the books too -- I think that's why they held my attention. They remind me a bit of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, or maybe it's the reverse. But it really is a world you can immerse yourself in.

  3. Dr Nokes! Have you read George R R Martin's 'Song of Ice and Fire' series? Now THAT is some epic fantasy with complex politics! It's great fun.

  4. I haven't read Martin. About a year ago, I was expected an invitation to speak at a convention where he would be the guest of honor, so I planned to read his books, but when the invitation didn't come I skipped them.

    Yesterday someone else recommended Martin to me, and now two recommendations in the comments here. Maybe I'd better give him a look, regardless of whether we ever speak at the same convention.