Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Close-ups of the Beowulf Figurines

One of the side benefits of having one of your texts mangled into a major motion picture is all the marketing. Now, with close-ups of the figurines from the Zemeckis Beowulf film, we can see that Grendel is rather a zombie-looking figure, and Beowulf appears to have lassoed the dragon (I'm guess that's not a smart move).

I'm not too big a fan of the Beowulf figurine -- he looks more like he is posing than preparing for battle -- though if Burger King or someone offers that dragon-horn as a promotional, I want one! Grendel's mother looks kind of wimpy, but that vaguely-saurian appearance lends credence to the theory that in this adaptation, Grendel's Mother = Dragon. Grendel must get his good looks from his father.

The dragon looks like it will be a must-have for hip medievalists, since you also get a teeny Beowulf hanging on for dear life with that one. Second tier would be Grendel and Beowulf himself, and down near the bottom is Grendel's Mother. If you've got her, it's just to have the complete set.

Sorry for not posting the images themselves here, but I suspect McFarland toys is a litigious company.


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Actually, go ahead and post the pictures -- I'm pretty sure you're protected under your rights of fair use, and even if not, there's nothing McFarland can do but kindly ask you to take it down (they can't sue you under the DMCA), and even then any legal responsibility to do so falls upon, since they're hosting you.

  2. In trailer number 2, it looks like Beo's not just holding on for dear life, but actually riding the dragon! Maybe he just got Funke!