Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Norton sends me a treat, no trick

I'm planning the Big Beowulf Bash on November 17th at my school (more details as they develop), and I wanted to make a Beowulf trivia contest part of the event. I e-mailed our Norton rep, and he sent me five, count 'em, FIVE free books, of various editions of Beowulf.

Two of the books, though are the new illustrated edition of Heaney's translation, and they are absolutely beautiful. Even if they already have a Heaney translation, you might consider this as a gift for your friends. It's probably the perfect medium for the Heaney translation.

In order to properly thank Norton and Scott Cook, their representative, here's a link to the book on Amazon -- on sale right now for only $16.47, a real bargain! Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition.

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