Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Weird Medieval Animal Monday Kicks Off!

Jennifer Lynn Jordan kicks off a new weekly feature at Per Omnia Saecula: Weird Medieval Animal Monday! She starts off with an old favorite, barnacle geese ... which sort of sounds like something from a Spongebob Squarepants episode.

Of course, my favorite animal is the bonnacon, but I'll resist describing it now, as I'm sure she'll use it for a future installment.


  1. Oh but I did! =D


    It's my favorite of all time, too!

  2. The barnacle goose story reminds me of a human tendency to come up with all sorts of non-sensical ideas in an attempt to make sense of something we know nothing of.

    One of my favorites is one English academic's guess as to what Cu Chulainn's gaer bolg referred to. Gaer bolg means simply 'foot spear'. Based on descriptions of what the Irish hero did with it, our academic concluded it was some sort of ball with lots points and prickly things set in it. No thought was given to the gaer bolg being simply a heavy spear used by footmen.

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