Thursday, December 13, 2007

Come Sit on Fæder Krystemasse's Lap

Last night I was in Toys 'R Us* when I saw the Schleich World of Knights series, and decided to post this morning about good gifts for the medievalist at Krystemasse.

Lo, this morning, however, I find that Jeff Sypeck** has already assembled such a list, and Jennifer Lynn Jordan has already added to it.

Rather than compete with them, I'll dress up as Fæder Krystemasse, and invite all the Wordhoarders out there to sit on my lap and tell me what medieval-themed gifts they'd like for Krystemasse in the comments thread below. If you've been nice, perhaps I'll unlock my gifthoard and leave something in your hose in your meadhall on Krystemasse. If you've been naughty, I'll send my elves to shoot you with their arrows, and my Green Knight will come chop your head off.

*A store that, if the name is any indication, sells toys to children with poor grammar and spelling, as well as an odd self-image. Maybe Richard Pryor was one of the original investors?
** In which he included these Bayeux Tapestry Collection. If I were to mention that the entire collection would look great adorning my office, and that there might just be enough time to get it if you order now, I wouldn't be hinting or anything.


  1. Pssst,

    I'd like a reproduction of a Visigothic eagle.

    Like what I saw at the Cluny:

    Although I'd like the frames to be filled with jewels.

    I don't require that they be filled with precious stones, costume jewelry is fine with me. I don't care if you make it earrings, a pendant, or even a pin for my lapel.

    Pretty please?

    Here's a plate of freshly baked cookies.

  2. Dear Fæder Krystemasse,

    Can I please have a History fellowship this year for Christmas? Pleeeeeease?

  3. Dear Faeder Krystemasse,

    I've been a good boy all year. Can I please have a pony? I want one that can fly, poop gold, and grade final exams.

    (P.S. Mommy says "the real Faeder Krystmasse doesn't smell like Aqua Velva and stale cigars." I don't know what she means, but I believe in you.)