Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dæræk thæ Ænglicæn and mæ

Yesterday, sometime between losing and recoving the now legendary thumb drive, I drove up to Emory, where I met Derek the Ænglican and one of his current students, Paige, who also happens to be one of my former students. I learned many things from this meeting:
  • Trying dress Goth while simultaneously trying to dress like a professional just comes off as dressing conservatively.
  • Derek knows so much about the Church calendar, he should take a crack at the Maya calendar.
  • Paige had an epiphany about Epiphany.
  • English departments are much more fun to work in than schools of theology.
  • Greek and Latin are best taught by those who don't know the languages very well.
  • If you get the spinach/artichoke dip at Everybody's pizza, skip the dip (which was mediocre), and go straight to the breadsticks, which were wonderful.
  • My son is literate only through the efforts of Paige.
  • Being rejected is worse than being stalked. I would have thought the reverse, but I came around to the consensus view.
  • Years ago, my World Lit class was considered a terrible amount of reading, followed by a horrific amount of writing. Not much has changed.
  • The class "United Methodist Polity" would be more accurate if entitled with scorn quotes: "United" Methodist Polity.
  • Just because you're in graduate school doesn't mean you know how to write.
  • I'll be "Dr. Nokes" to Paige long after she's old and grey ... which is fine by me, since I still "Doctor" all my former professors through undergrad and grad school.
  • I am the Karl Rove / James Carville of Charles Henderson Middle School.
  • Peavine parking structure isn't spelled "Peevine," but it should be.
  • The Bermuda triangle lies somewhere between Atlanta and Decatur. I got so, so lost trying to get home.
Anyway, I had a great time meeting Derek. Indeed, I don't think I've ever had an unpleasant experience meeting other bloggers. If anyone wants to meet up at MLA in Chicago, let me know!


  1. Ha ha... I LIVE in that Bermuda triangle!

    And quit talking about my clothes.

  2. *LOL*

    Thanks for a great evening! Sorry you got lost on the way home, though...

  3. Scott, we're on for MLA! Let me know where you're staying, when you'll be there, etc. I live in Chicago, so won't be around a lot, really...just for the OE sessions and a few other things.

    Happy Christmas!