Monday, December 10, 2007

Morning Medieval Miscellany

As regular Wordhoarders know, I've been trying to find an alliterative way to do my little link round-ups without stealing thunder from Jennifer Lynn Jordan's Weird Medieval Animal Monday. I give you my new, semi-regular feature, "Morning Medieval Miscellany!"

The idea here is to have all those things that I had no time to post much about, or just had nothing to add. Though today it's a little late, I'll generally try to post it early in the day, so it can be your first stop that takes you to most of the places you want to be. It'll be semi-regular; if there are only one or two links, I'll hold off a few days until more build up. My hope is that this will free up some of my linking duties, giving me more time to write more original content without cutting into my usual scholarly writing/editing activities.

Think of it as your morning mini-Carnivalesque.


  1. Consider my thunder unstolen! =)

  2. You forgot to mention Zemeckis' Beowulf showing up on the Guardian's Art 2007 round up:

    Most outrageous accent: John Malkovich, as Unferth in Beowulf, speaking in a weird Welsh voice in which he, unforgettably, says the word "bollocks".

    Well, what is it they say? There's no such thing as bad publicity, which has been the tenor of the belated discussion over at
    , too.

  3. Anonymous5:44 AM

    For maximum marks in typoing my name, you also need to put an extra `h' in it but that's certainly a passing grade ;-) Thankyou as ever for the link.

  4. As I am incapable of error, it is YOU and your parents who have spelled your name wrong. I demand, sir, DEMAND that you begin spelling your name in the Nokes-approved way!

    -- Richerd Skot Naked

  5. Anonymous7:49 AM

    The worry of it is that much of the world seems to agree with you. However, I base my case on actual archival documents you know. The truth will out!

    Can we not adapt some compromise whereby the brain of Nokes be still infallible, but the fingers slept merely? The papacy would thank us for it...