Monday, December 03, 2007

Non-Monday Non-Medieval Non-Miscellany

A few months ago, I was thinking of instituting a Monday Medieval Miscellany, but then JLJ over at Per Omnia Saecula started her Weird Medieval Animal Monday, and I didn't want to compete (the Worhoard is all about promoting medivalia on the internet).

So, even though it is Monday, and what follows is a miscellany of various medieval stuff I neglected to talk about over the weekend, this is definitely NOT Monday Medieval Miscellany. If you want a regular Monday feature, go read Per Omnia Saecula.
  • In Gardnerwulf, Steven Hart asks why Roger Avery thinks he has done something outrageous by treating Beowulf as a "send up." I don't have anything nice to say about Roger Avery, so I'll not comment beyond endorsing Jeff Sypeck's comments on the post.
  • Speaking of Jeff Sypeck, he's just posted online his own *.pdf edition of "The Tale of Charlemagne and Ralph the Collier." I haven't commented on it yet because I haven't yet read it; I'm saving it for pleasure reading this week as I'm grading freshman composition papers.
  • Wil over at Moyen Age explains the origins of the twelve days of Christmas. Strictly speaking, this is late classical rather than medieval, but since I was actually wondering about this very issue over the weekend (with the start of Advent), I thought I'd post it.
  • On the medieval history side, Heavenfield has an account of St. Wilfrid raising a British boy from the dead, and discussion of the questions it raises.
  • Filed under the heading of "Small World," last week my former student assistant discovered that her Church Calendar instructor is my "Derek the ├ćnglican" from Haligweorc. By the way, that former student assistant, Paige Swaim, worked very hard helping me. She studied Old English, learned basic paleography to do manuscript readings, etc. In fact, she did so much that I bumped her up from "assistant" to "co-author" in “Kingship in Alfred’s Meters of Boethius,” Carmina Philosophiae, 13 (2004): 61-74.
Well, during the writing of this post, two students have already come in to beg for extensions. I now prepare to become an academic anchorite, withdrawing from the world to grade in my cell. If I don't emerge in a few days, send paramedics. If I still don't emerge, send gin.

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  1. Oh no! I didn't mean to dash your blogging dreams. I am sorry. Although think of it, if YOU institute a weekly MMM the medieval blogosphere will have a cornucopia of new blogging on Mondays, and will rejoice accordingly!