Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Lots of tasty stuff here:
  • Got Medieval finds a new use of the word "medieval" in the global warming debate.
  • Heavenfield's Person of the Week is Aethelwald of Lindisfarne.
  • Per Omnia Saecula's Weird Medieval Tribe is the Hippopodes. Oh, Manolo, can't you help these poor people?
  • In the Middle has a post about controversy over repatriating the Lewis Chessmen. I suppose it's hard for us Americans to understand the importance of these kinds of issues to people who live in tiny countries like those in Europe.*
  • It's not really medieval, but New Kid on the Hallway has a post about why she teaches history, spinning off from a similar literary post from Dr. Crazy. I might just respond here if I find the time.
  • The Heroic Age has a nice set of links to news articles.
  • FYI, I've finally finished listening to all of Matthew Gabriele's podcasts, and I'll probably post a short review when I finish grading the big stack of papers that hits my desk in 40 minutes.

*The first time I went to Europe, I landed in Vilnius and had to be driven from the airport to Klaipeda, on the Baltic coast. Having an American sense of size, I assumed it would be a long drive, and that we might go late into the night. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you can drive across the breadth of the entire country in three hours.


  1. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you can drive across the breadth of the entire country in three hours.

    On the flip side of that, I've had European friends assume Dallas was close to LA. Of course, I've also had East Coast friends think similar things, so Europe's not the only place on a smaller scale.

  2. Look forward to your (and any and all) comments on the podcasts.

  3. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Europe is something of a mess distance-wise. I was at a project meeting in Austria at the beginning of the week. It's a highly international project, and it seemed plausible that the next meeting would be best held in Romania, so the Italians, thinking themselves closer than many, were asking if it would be drivable. Our Romanian member said, "Oh, yes, I think so. About five, six hours to the Romanian border—and then maybe twelve hours to cross Romania." (My emphasis.) Someone left a big lump of polity out east there...