Friday, February 15, 2008

Be My 100,000th Visitor!

Looking at my counter, I'll probably have my 100,000th visitor sometime tonight or Saturday morning. This calls for prizes! I've got one final copy of my latest book, Global Perspectives on Medieval English Literature, Language, and Culture that hasn't already been designated for relatives -- a $45 value. I'll send that last copy to Mr./Ms. 100,000.

How to win:
OK, actually figuring out who is 100,000 isn't all that easy, because a lot of you get your Wordhoard through RSS feeds like my own subscription service or some reader, and so you don't count unless you actually click on it to open a new window (I think). Furthermore, some of my visitors are Googlers who are looking for something specific, glance for about 5 seconds, and realize that what they want isn't here, so they navigate away.

Here's what I'll do: I'll check the Wordhoard obsessively. The first person to post a comment in this thread after the counter flips to 100,000 will win. That means in order to win you'll have to actually visit the page and do a little typing. Obviously, anonymous posters can't win (since I won't know who you are). If you want to advance the counter, be sure to visit the Wordhoard by clicking on the page ... don't just read it from your e-mail subscription or in your subscription service.

If I've forgotten some technological glitch, well, then, I'll just muddle through and pick the closest person to 100,000 that I can.

Ready ... set ... comment!!!


  1. Wow, what a great idea! Perhaps when I write my own book someday, I'll be able to do something like this at my blog (if I ever near 100,000).

    I'm always trying to get free books (in whatever legal means possible), and the book has intrigued me since I first saw the table of contents. Actually, your article most intrigues me, a fascination borne out of my own penchant for myth, enjoyment of Spanish (especially Latin-American) literature, and work in the medieval--all of which seem to intersect in your article.

    So, even if I can't win the book, I know that essay alone warrants getting my hands on it.

  2. I'm honestly interested in the book -- hope I win!

  3. Of course, anyone not winning a free copy is free to buy their own ... or if you're an academic, ask your library to buy a copy.

    By the way, Brandon, you're not out of the running just because there's now another comment following yours ... feel free to comment again as we get closer to 100k.

  4. Anonymous10:31 PM

    :-P Well I'm not close, I'll have to come back and visit later, though I have to say I just visited to see if you looked like I thought, and if you would really send the book up here to Canada


  5. Yes, I'll send the book abroad. I think the Aussie Wordhoarders (and there are a few) might have an advantage here. It might flip while the rest of us are in bed.

  6. I would love to win, also!

  7. According to your counter we're still quite a number away from 100,000, but I thought I'd comment just out of sheer sportsmanship!

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Well, I only look at this blog about once a week, but I guess I've got a reason to check back later today.

    (I'd happily buy the book if I weren't mostly unemployed and on a tight budget..if I don't win, I'll try checking it out of the library.) Marty Busse

  9. Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

    I, on the other hand, probably don't need another book. But I'll try in any case.

  10. Anonymous9:09 PM

    you're getting close now. it must be exciting to have so many fans. If i set up a page, not even my mum would click on it. honestly.
    Good luck getting to 100000
    April the aussi

  11. April the Aussie,

    If you set up a page devoted to things medieval, I promise that not only would I click on it, I would link to it in my blogroll and, after you'd gotten a few posts up, would promote it in a post.

    This page exists to promote medievalism, both popular and scholarly, and I take that very seriously. I'm afraid that I can't really call the 100,000 "fans" of me so much as they are fans of medievalism, who come to this page because they know I'll be promoting the work of other medievalists online.

    So, April the Aussie, if you really would like to have your own blog on medievalism, set one up, post a couple of times, then send me a link. I'd be delighted to have you as a contributing member of our community.

  12. Since the counter reads 100,004... I think I just might get the book! (And this is my first comment here. :) )

  13. Hello, can I be in the running?

  14. opps, too late. My husband the English major loves your blog so he'll just have to get your book on his own. Cheers!

  15. Paul wins! E-mail me your contact info, Paul, and I'll ship that book off.

  16. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I knew I should have checked earlier and not slept this weekend! Oh well, hopefully you will be on slate at the Sigma Tau Delta published professors symposium!...Fawn

  17. Yay! Contact info is sent. I'm looking forward to the book!

    Tough luck, though, Frau Magister. Looks like I just got it by a minute. My lucky day, I suppose.

  18. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Congrats Paul! ( I was hoping to win that book) :-( Againn, Congrats!