Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dating Advice from Me

This is interesting: Highly Eccentric has gotten a request from to participate in an upcoming column (part of a series), Dating Advice from Medievalists. Here's an example of the current installment, "Dating Advice from Comedy-Club Employees."

Me? I'm supposed to be fixing a tiny snafu in the submission of the Curing Elfshot book, coming up with an Alfred the Great/Boethius paper that's been requested of me, and reading the script of the upcoming Beowulf: Prince of the Geats movie so that I can write a piece on race & Beowulf movies for a different volume.

Naturally, I feel that this is not enough to do, so I'll be emailing the writer to volunteer my services as a dating consultant. I feel I am qualified to offer a historical perspective because a.) I'm a medievalist, and b.) I haven't had a date in this millennium.*

*Unless you count my wife, or that hooker I paid $5k for at the Emperors' Club.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    If the idea weren't so funny, I might be scared!

  2. Oooh another Jennifer J!

    I suggested several Wife of Bath quotes as pick up lines.

  3. *sniff*

    She never e-mailed me back! Apparently, I'm a dating reject!

    *cries himself to sleep*

  4. (begin Yorkshire accent)
    $5K? You were lucky!
    (end Yorkshire accent)

    So sez Kate from NY where our new motto is "My governor has better hookers than your governor"

    (oops, make that ex-gov now)

  5. Anonymous11:17 PM

    You're not a dating reject!

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