Wednesday, March 05, 2008

RIP: Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax, creater of Dungeons & Dragons, died Tuesday morning. Cinerati has some nice commentary. The Tuscaloosa News explains how far-reaching his influence was in gaming, and others tell how Gygax made it cool to be a geek. Certainly Gygax guided many scholars of my generation to medieval studies.

Here's to Gary Gygax, the original Dungeon Master, who has missed his final saving throw.

þa ymbe hlæw riodan hildediore,
æþelinga bearn, ealra twelfe,
woldon care cwiðan ond kyning mænan,
wordgyd wrecan ond ymb wer sprecan;
eahtodan eorlscipe ond his ellenweorc
duguðum demdon, -- swa hit gedefe bið,
þæt mon his winedryhten wordum herge,
ferhðum freoge, þonne he forð scile
of lichaman læded weorðan.
Swa begnornodon Geata leode
hlafordes hryre, heorðgeneatas;
cwædon þæt he wære wyruldcyninga
manna mildust ond monðwærust,
leodum liðost ond lofgeornost. (Beowulf 3169-3182)

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