Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Aborted Medievalist Prank

Just as I was leaving my office for a meeting, the phone rang. On the other end was a fellow "from Florida" who claimed to have been referred to me as a medieval resource (he never mentioned who referred him; it was all very vague).

He then proceeded with a rambling question about the use of a medieval term in various texts, giants, and the Templars. Hmmmm ... off the wall questions from random people on April 1st? What could this possibly mean?

Unfortunately, I was late for picking up a student for the meeting, so I didn't have time to play. I quickly got him off the phone (answering "well, I don't really know anything about that") until he finally gave up.

I feel a little disappointed. I wanted to see where the prank was going to go, I just didn't have time to play! At one point, referring to the medieval giant figures, he said something intriguing along the lines of: "and of course we all know where that must have come from." Oooooh, I saw a Chariots of the Gods-esque theory coming, about how aliens or nephalim or time travelers or some such people created the figures -- but alas, I had no time to explore it.

So, to whomever was the creator of the aborted medievalist prank today, I offer my apologies. I really, really wanted to play, but the timing was bad.


  1. Perhaps you have achieved that level of celebrity that attracts differently-abled critical thinkers. Congratulations. I secretly wish I weren't so rigorously conditioned to be polite to the extent that playing pranks on people is virtually impossible. If I'd been involved, I'd reschedule for your convenience... well, maybe not, as I'd have to impolite enough to prank and that might change my attitudes about the convenience of others. I'd also come up with something more interesting, I hope, although maybe there was a good part coming at the end.

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    You know it wasn't me; I'd have asked you to rattle off the ISBN of your book right off the top of your head...

  3. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Ah,April Fools Day. Memories......I would fool my kids every year.