Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blogging K'zoo 2008 (Part III)

In case you are wondering whether or not today was eventful, I'm blogging this at 2AM -- the first free moment I've had!

I spent a lot of time today around closeted bloggers, so I'll be a bit vague on some points. Suffice it to say that I went to several very good sessions, and my own session went fairly well, despite my accidental double entendre involving Peter Abelard. MacAllister Stone has posted her paper online, and the Digital Medievalist, Lisa Spangenberg, live blogged it.

Other things to note:
  • Everyone loves Jonathan Jarrett's page.
  • N.E. Brigand of TORn is trying to get the signatures of as many contributors to the Tolkien Encyclopedia as possible. He already has an impressive start. If you are a contributor and haven't signed his copy, why not find some way to hook up with him?
  • People get really angry if you don't attend their sessions, regardless of whether or not they have ever attended yours.
  • I accidentally blew off a guy named Rob who really wanted to talk to me. I didn't mean too, but just as we started talking, K.A. Laity showed up and she and I talked shop for about 10 minutes until he left.
  • The spirit of Prof. Awesome, PhD lives on.
  • The restaurant Bravo has really good gnocchi.
  • I think Troy is going to get a really great visiting professor for the 2009-2010 year. If we can work out the details, that is.
  • I usually over-commit at K'zoo, but this time I only committed to doing a paper in Korea in the fall, and a paper at PCA in New Orleans. I will not be going to SEMA this year (too busy).
  • In one of the most interesting projects I've heard about in a while, Phil Phillips taught The Consolation of Philosophy to inmates in the state prison. Bob Bjork and I twisted his arm to write about that experience, and I think he will.


  1. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Wooohooo I made your blog!!! I can get blown off more often like that. Besides, she was wayyyy cuter than I am :)

    Seriously, it's the dance at K'zoo. It's not exactly the best place to chat.

    Anyway, drop me an email at sometime.

    Rob Howell
    Univ. of Missouri-Columbia

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I am touched and flattered and stuff like that! *goes off to blush*

  3. I'm heartily sorry not to have met up again Saturday night -- the group fell apart with folks headed back to the dance, and I found myself sort of unexpectedly exhausted.

    Was awfully nice to see you again, though, and I shall look forward to drinks next year!

  4. Anonymous8:36 PM


    He only thinks I was waiting there to talk to him ;)

  5. Oh shucks, did I just get called cute ;-) Not bad for a "mature" medievalist...

    And no mention of the dancing? You make it sound like you were all business, but I know *I* dragged you out on the dance floor (as I do to all who fall within my sphere Saturday night in Kalamazoo) and I seem to recall you waxing enthusiastic about Battlestar Galactica with my roomie.

    Glad you're planning to attend PCA. It will be rockin' when it returns to N'Orleans. I'm already thinking about Petunia's and the Bombay Club...

  6. Thanks for the plug! And it was great to have a chance to talk with you this year, for more than just two minutes.

    Was that Prof. Awesome, PhD at the dance, who was explaining the Cotton Library fire to me? If so, I'd say he seems like a well-meaning fellow, and nice enough.

  7. And speaking of the dance, did anyone note our Dr. Nokes on the floor, bow tie askew?

    Scott, it was great to see you, but I thought you were right behind me when the attractive Anglo-Saxonists asked us to dance, but then you disappeared!

  8. Hello from a first-time visitor (I'm the blogger who was sitting next to Steve Muhlberger of Muhlberger's Early History). I really enjoyed your paper (and the Abelard comment!) so I'm adding you to my blog reading list.

  9. Swain,

    I thought I WAS the the attractive Anglo-Saxonist!


    I've added your blog to my RSS feed, but I couldn't find a name on it to add it to my blogroll. What's the blog's official name?