Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RIP: Robert Lynn Asprin

Robert Lynn Asprin died unexpectedly a few days ago. What few details I could find are here.

A little Asprin-esque tidbit -- In one of my high school yearbook pictures, I am holding a copy of Myth Adventures. I wanted to have a prop to make my picture stand out, so I decided to go with a book. My father had a hardback copy of Myth Adventures (the first four books bound together), and it looked like a deep, important tome because the dust jacket with all the colorful Phil Foglio illustrations was lost.

Nothing says geek like getting your picture taken wearing an academic letter sweater while holding a fantasy book.

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  1. Well, that's sad. I loved Thieves' World (if I recall, both in book and boardgame form), and the Myth Adventures series, both in book form and in the comic form by the wonderful Phil Foglio (I've still fond memories of What's New with Phil and Dixie).

    Pretty seriously geek, I admit (and in this company, proud to admit). I sort of wish I'd got my picture with these books; instead, in at least one shot, I'm wearing shorts with Smiths lyrics all over them.

    RIP Asprin, or not: whichever is more entertaining.