Tuesday, June 17, 2008

July Feast

As a few of you know, I'm plotting with another faculty member to push medieval academic stuff in the 2008-2009 year. We have several different plots running at the same time, some strictly academic, but a few that straddle the academic/popular line, in order to garner more interest in the scholarly side. Yes, sneaky, I know.

Among the various tracks I have going is the resurrection of the old Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) organization on campus. Years ago Troy University was home to Falling Star, but that went defunct when all the students who formed it graduated. The plan is to bring it back to life under a different name. I've already been talking to the nearby Shire about the plan, and will get in contact with the Kingdom as soon as I get a better sense of direction.

My first little foray will be to invite folks in this area to come to the July Feast, July 11-13 in Cullman, Alabama. I'm planning to be there for the whole thing, though if you don't want to camp and just want to stay the day, July 12th is the only full day. If you're interested but don't want to be alone, don't worry -- I'll be there too, and I'm a newb as well.

What to expect? Well, Friday night is mostly people setting up their campsites. That's when I'll probably be arriving, because I also enjoy the camping aspect as well. Sunday morning, on the other hand, is mostly tear-down. If you are thinking you want to camp out just one night, I'd recommend Saturday-Sunday, because some of the fun runs until late into the night, so you'll probably want to just return to your tent to crash.

Saturday, then, will be when most of the fun stuff happens. There will be arts & crafts, sword fighting (both heavy weapons & rapiers), music, dance, and storytelling. Basically, think of a Renaissance Faire, but much cheaper, and everyone is in on the action. You can see images of and commentary on my first SCA event here.

So, what's it gonna cost you? Assuming you aren't an SCA member, it's $17 for adults, $10 for children (though it's cheaper if you only come for Saturday -- $14 and $8.50 , respectively). Food is included in that price, though lunch on Saturday is a fundraiser. By any measure, that's a dirt-cheap weekend.

If you plan to go, try to let me or Lady Georgianna (334-868-1513 or ladygeorgianna AT bellsouth DOT net) know at least a week in advance if possible. Everyone is suppose to be in garb (medieval-style clothing), and since most folks don't have that laying around, we'll have to arrange for some loaner-clothes for you so you won't feel out of place.

So, if you're interested, come join me. Pitch your tent next to mine, and explore all the fun we can have together. It's fun, it's cheap, it's nearby, and the food should be delicious!

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