Friday, June 06, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Depending on how my article writing goes today, there might be a longer post or two later. Until then:
  • Jonathan Jarrett has a long, detailed analysis of this study (the original article is now behind a premium content wall). It looks scary at first, but it's a fascinating read. End result: the study doesn't tell us much about medieval history that we couldn't figure out using Occam's Razor (and perhaps a little of Occam's Patented Shaving Cream) ... but it wasn't really intended for that purpose anyway.
  • Henchminion reviews Mongol, and finds it "adequate."
  • Stephanie Trigg gives a nice little introduction to the poem Wynnere and Wastoure, including her own edition of an extract.
  • Larsdatter answers the question, "What is Hell," and includes a bit of a Middle English verse sermon.
  • Early Medieval Art has a post on the Cuthbert Gospels.
  • The Medieval Term of the Week is enciente.
  • The Naked Philologist has a post on St. Æðelðryð, "who was with two men and nevertheless remained a virgin." Hey, that's not so miraculous -- I went to high school with plenty of girls who were with a lot more than two men and nevertheless remained "virgins" if you asked 'em.
  • Matthew Gabriele is calling for submissions to "a blog forum about what medieval studies and/ or medievalism has to offer a wider public." Send him your ideas before June 13th.
That's it for now. I've got a bit of research and perhaps some other writing to do. If I have time later, I'll post on the issue of "medieval Christians" vs. "medieval Catholics" and maybe about the "Dark Age for Medievalists" controversy.

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