Monday, June 16, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

I'm busy, busy, busy today, but not too busy to take 15 minutes out of my day to bring you your Miscellany. Enjoy!
  • Mmm ... Marginalia is of a stanza wrangler.
  • The Person of the Week is Abbot Berhthun of Beverly, who, among other things, healed "the dumb boy with the scabby head." How terrible to go through history known as the dumb boy with the scabby head!
  • The Weird Medieval Animal of the Week is the cerastes.
  • Blog Forum 1 on the relevance of medieval stuff is up -- hooray! The first post is by Cybermedievalist, and is entitled, "Why I Care about Medieval History, and So Should You." I'm not participating in this at the moment because I wanted to give other people a chance (after all, I've been writing about this topic for three years), but I'm looking forward to reading these.
  • The Naked Philologist has a post about a 14th-century execution.
  • News for Medievalists has a post about a dig at Hungate and how Open University is using that to make training films. Medieval archeology is interesting and all, but I could never do it; with my bald head, all that outdoor work would give me skin cancer for sure.
  • Fresh from the word-hoard of Julie K. Rose are twelfindus, devove, and ganch.

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