Saturday, June 21, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

I'm back from my Cub Scout trip, covered bug bites and sun burn. A good time was had by all. Here are a few other things guaranteed to give a good time. Today's Miscellany seems to have a bunch of strange medieval animals.
I can't shake the feeling I've forgotten something in the above. I'll just have to count on my fellow Wordhoarders to reveal it.

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  1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I posted some additions to the literature list in a comment there, but after I posted it, it struck me that one could probably make a good start on that type of catalog by consulting the Penguin Classics catalog. Not everything, but a good deal has gotten onto my bookcase under their imprint that would go on such a list.

    Katherine Kurtz and Debra Harris wrote a pair of esoteric/fantasy novels involving Templars, William Wallace and Robert Bruce which ended with the manufacture of a fake Stone of Destiny to be given to the English; the real one being sunk into Loch Ness.