Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Again, it's not morning, but as long as I'm on the road (I'll be home soon) I take my internet access where I can get it. Today's Miscellany is apparently the Scholarly Conference Edition, since so many are writing about conferences present and future. Start with Carnivalesque XLI over at Xoom. No point in going elsewhere until you've been there.
Finally, Larry Swain discusses the alleged lack of history in the K'zoo 2009 CfP. My own session in '09 got cancelled*, so I'm going to have to look at the sessions to see if there's anything I want to present anywhere. Honestly, at the moment, I'm tempted to give it a pass -- but my work ethic will probably get the better of me eventually.

*The same thing happened in '08 -- perhaps I'm a session jinx!

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