Thursday, August 14, 2008

Learn Old English with the Wordhoard -- New Chart!

Lisa Spangenberg, the Digital Medievalist, has kindly created a Blogger-friendly vocabulary chart for us. Huzzah! In slightly-related news, looking at her webpage I realize she somehow fell off my reader subscriptions -- and I just thought she hadn't posted for a while.

Old EnglishModern English
Ic I
þu you
he he
hit it
heo she
hie they
se the, that, those
þ¾t the, that, those
seo the, that, those
þa the, that, those
þes his, these
þis this, these
þeos this, these
þas this, these


  1. Grrr ... I seem to have screwed this up. Well, just take that long white space as an opportunity for meditation.

  2. Blogger has inserted
    tags willy-nilly, the swine. I tested it first on my blogger blog to see if Bad Things would happen.

    Feh. If you want static Web pages (normal HTML pages that you can link to) let me know. I've got some spare time.

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Why is there a 3/4 sign instead of an ash on the word thæt? (Maybe the Anglo-Saxons really did have something to do with making those math books!)

  4. Scott,

    If you're interested, at the end of the semester we could gather your blogged lessons into a web page....

  5. We're way ahead of you, Larry. Lisa Spangenberg volunteered to code it all, so I'm going to e-mail her a bunch of stuff in a week or two (after I get this tenure & promotion package under control), and then we'll put it up with its own section on MediEvolution.

    Imagine that ... actual content on MediEvolution! I must be dreaming!