Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

The kiddies start school in just a couple of days, meaning that I'll be back in the office regularly. It is to be hoped* that the Miscellanies will come along more regularly too. But for now:
Here's a new blog for you: Indirections. Time to update blogrolls!

*Sorry for the ugly "it is to be hoped." I have a friend who loves using that particular passive construction ironically.
**No, I haven't forgotten that JLJ nominated me for the Brillante Weblog award thingie -- it's just that nearly the entire medieval blog-o-web-o-net-0-sphere has already been nominated, so I've got to figure out what to do about my three nominees.


  1. The Old English and Old Norse Grammar magic sheets — wow, those are handy! Thanks for passing them along.

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Pauline Baynes's illustrations for Bilbo's Last Song are quite beautiful.

  3. Darn tooting it's hard. I figure it's been a year almost, I can start stretching the definition of WMAM.

  4. I suspect that places of the world where plague is now endemic and it still does occur as an epidemic will find that vaccine useful, not to mention that plague has been used as a biological weapon in the 20th century.

  5. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Whatever your reason for the construction "it is to be hoped", kudos for avoiding the adverb "hopefully" in its stead.
    How serious are you about finding medieval beasties for the bestiary?
    Would St. Andrew the Dog-head count? Would you extnd the search into Roman times and include the very real Dire Wolf?

  6. Just noticed the link. I wondered if you'd notice my aunt's 'quaille'...

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *