Friday, September 19, 2008

Learn Old English with the Wordhoard: Finishing Nouns

Though I missed the post earlier this week, except for getting your new vocabulary words, you pretty much didn't need me. Mostly, you just had to keep working on those noun paradigms, and trying to translate Minitext A.

Here, then, are two vocabulary lists: Verbs III (the one I was supposed to give you last time), and Verbs IV (the one you were supposed to get this time).

Verbs III
niman ... to take (also note fon below)
sprecan ... to speak
bacan ... to bake
hatan ... to command, to be called
flowan ... to flow
seoðan ... to seethe
teon ... to accuse
seon ... to see
slean ... to slay
fon ... to take (also note niman above)
agan ... to possess
dugan ... to be good

Verbs IV
durran ... to dare
motan ... must, to be allowed
gemunan ... to remember
(ge)benugan ... to be enough
þurfan ... to need
unnan ... to grant
don ... to do
gan ... to go
willan ... will, to be willing, to wish, to desire
ascian ... to ask
wepan ... to weep
slæpan ... to sleep

Also, you should start on the Verbs Chapter (Baker here, and Drout here, here, here, here and here) for next time, and start translating Minitext B. Drout doesn't really have a lot more; he just subdivides it more.

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