Monday, October 20, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Once again, I've let things fall behind. Let that be a lesson to me: never again agree to teach a third composition class.

While I soak in my lesson, here are a few lessons in the medieval for you:
OK, that's it. I'm too tired to do any more. Head over to A Commonplace Book, A Corner of Tenth Century Europe, Got Medieval?, Humanities Researcher, and In the Middle to see what I skipped. I'm going to bed.

*Podcasted or podcast in the past tense? Hmmm...


  1. It is nice to know that my pictures from Carcassonne helped to lift your spirits.

    May you have a wonderful day.


  2. I finished it! I'm not sure if the Arthurian fanfic helped or not, though... And now I have an essay to write on Chretien de Troyes. I wonder if a *coughfanficcough* creative response will be acceptable?

  3. Heya -- thanks for the plug although there's little medieval about the piece. But this gives me the idea of reading some Anglo-Saxon poetry aloud for the podcast. Why let everyone else have the fun? Hmmm, now what to recite?

    I heard a rumor that the Medievalism conference next year will be across town with my pals at Siena College. Hope you come up for it, if only to visit your sister city of Troy. I can take you to the greatest pub in NY, Mahar's. You know it has to be great -- it has its own Facebook page.

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