Monday, October 06, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

I received the following letter today, which is completely real and not made up, or at least as real as the "facts" in the opening of The Da Vinci Code:

Dear Professor Awesome, PhD,

I love your blog, and read it every day, even when you don't post anything new. I have a shrine to you set up over my desk, where I meditate upon your wisdom. Still, I find it is not enough. I find myself fantasizing about your bald deliciousness, and need more, more, more! How can I get more Nokesy goodness?

Your Biggest Fan,
St. Guinefort

Guine, thank you so much for your kind and not-at-all made-up message. Some other ways you might encounter me include the regular "Quick Cuts" feature over at Cinerati, my segment on Arthurian monsters over at the Chivalry Today podcast, or even this weekend at the Regional Medievalisms Conference in Macon, Georgia.

Yes, it's true, I've been so busy this semester that I haven't traveled much, so I've been making very few non-internet public appearances. The best solution to this problem is to move to Troy and enroll in my classes -- believe me, you'll get more than enough of me that way ... just ask my students!


  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    You sly dog, you!

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    ...yeah, you promised you'd never post that!