Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beowulf vs. the Nazis Update

The "Beowulf vs. the Nazis" talk went well last night -- packed room, etc. The TV crew didn't show up (which was strange, because one of them had talked to me just a few hours before about it), but it was just as well; there really wasn't enough room to place a camera.

Still, I think I'm supposed to shoot a version of it in the studio for all those people who asked to see it online. Today I have to go over to the TV station for an interview about the International Festival, so I'll pop in and see if I can schedule that.

November 14, Update to the Update
We've scheduled the studio shoot for next week. In my experience, it usually takes several days before they get around to editing (since we're working with student slave labor and all), so I'm thinking it will be available for viewing in one form or another in about two weeks. How did this little in-service become such a big deal?

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