Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guest Blogger, Coming Soon!

Rivkah Mentzer has agreed to guest blog the Morning Medieval Miscellanies until I get my new computer. You may know her as the writer of Medieval Manuscripts Online.

No, this isn't turning into a group blog, mostly because I hate group blogs (my apologies to those medieval group blogs out there, but it's the format I hate, not you). Still, with Blogrolling down, the Miscellanies are as important as ever, and here I am shirking my duty. So, instead, I give you guest blogging!

If anyone else wants a pop at guest blogging a Miscellany, e-mail me directly.


  1. Thanks for the intro:) I've scheduled the next post for 0600.

  2. glad that the miscellanies shall return -- like so many things, I didn't realize how much I relied on them, Prof. Nokes, until I was forced to go without! :)

    looking forward to reading your miscellanies, Rivkah!

  3. Thank you both Scott and Rivkah!