Saturday, December 20, 2008

PEAA Awards

The Swain has stepped up and created the PEAA Awards. He explains it here:
Announcing the first annual Praemium Ephemeridis Aetheriae Auctoribus awards(Award for Authors of Ethereal Diaries). Ok, I'm not that caffeined (rhymes with fiend) yet, so if you have a better name or acronym, write in. Anyway, here's the deal. Nominate the best medieval blog *entry* of the year that is not one written by you. So: medieval, an entry, written by someone other than the person nominating [....]I'll collate and between the 25th and the 1st announce things that are gaining votes and announce those whom we wish to recognize after the first of the year [....] The prize contains nothing other than the approbation of fellow medievalists.

The categories:
  • Award for Best Blog Entry of the Year
  • Award for Blog Entry that Fueled Research
  • Award for Blog That Best Serves the Medieval Community
  • Recognition for Best Electronic Article on a Medieval Topic
  • Award for Best Entry Making Fun of Ourselves
  • Best Journal Article of the Year
  • Best New Medieval Book of the Year
  • Best New Medieval Web Project of the Year
  • Best Use of Electronic Media of the Year
  • Best Medieval Movie/TV Show of the Year
  • Best Medievalism Web Site of the Year
  • Best Medievalism Book/Movie/TV of the Year
Now I know what I'll be doing over the next few days: surfing old posts of your blogs. If you've got a post that you think is really quite good but are afraid will be over-looked (and you can't nominate it yourself, you know), send me a link and maybe I'll nominate you.

Write suggestions and nominations to larsprec AT gmail dot com.

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