Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Reason Plague is Cool

Apparently, it kills terrorists.

Here's my new slogan: "Guns don't kill terrorists ... imperfect knowledge of medieval medical practices kills terrorists."

h/t to the skeptical Poliblog


  1. Do you know of a medieval treatment for plague that is effective? I don't.

  2. Living in a town in which no one has the plague. Also, living in a town in which no one is intentionally importing the plague. Both strategies were used successfully in the middle ages.

    Of course, first you have to be lucky enough to be in such a town -- can luck be considered an effective treatment?

  3. Ah... well, no, luck isn't a treatment...its luck. There is some indication that they used some isolation procedures, but its effectiveness is unknown since rats and fleas were not isolated.