Saturday, February 14, 2009

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Karma here. This time I started at the bottom of the blogroll and worked my way up. I've missed tons of things, but here's a taste of the medieval-themed blogosphere over the last week or so.
  • The Lost Fort has pictures of Pembroke in southern Wales. Somehow I never want to be where I am when I read this blog...
  • Michael Drout has done it - the entire corpus of Old English poetry is now online. He's also posted a bit about the "genealogy" of Anglo Saxon pronunciation amongst medievalists, which is something I was discussing with an early modernist in my cohort last semester when we were both in the 'Brit Lit pre-1600' trenches, as part of a larger discussion of the genealogy of Anglo-Saxonists in general. (I joked that we must know our lineages, and that if I didn't get up to snuff on the Psalms soon, my advisor would disown me, I would not receive the heriot, and I would be doomed because my name would never alliterate. I think it was funnier if you were there. Or maybe it was just funny if you were, er, me.) In any case, Michael Drout's accomplishment is formidable, and invaluable. Congratulations!

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