Monday, May 18, 2009

Lions Devour Crusaders (metaphorically)

Eastern Nazarene College has changed its mascot from the "Crusaders" to the "Lions" because of "the atrocities of the medieval Crusaders."

Like the Christian Children's Fund (now ChildFund International), they might consider dropping all references to Christianity, and change their name to Eastern College. Or maybe "Eastern" too could be falsely perceived as a veiled orientalist reference, and they could just change their name to "College" and call their sports teams "The Collegians."

Seriously (momentarily abandoning snark), the Lions? As long as they were bowing to popular perceptions, couldn't they at least have picked an animal less commonly associated with eating Christians?


  1. To quote our good friend over at Got Medieval: "Lions signify Christ because they sleep with their eyes open. Vultures signify Christ because they sometimes die when they fly too fast en route to eating a corpse. Ah, Christ, our ever-watchful, ravenous zombie lord."

    I think they should've picked the zombie as their mascot.

  2. I find it mildly amusing that a Nazarene college even picked "Crusaders" in the first place....

  3. I'm with Jennifer, but even more, that once chosen they would be PC enough to change it.

    Now were I in their shoes, I would have chosen a single order rather that "Crusaders" in the first place, such as "The Hospitalers"...we'll put ya there and then take care of you. Or "the Dark Knights of the Soul" (not to be confused with Dark Tea Time of the Soul...). Or how about the Lionhearts? So many opportunities missed....

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