Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanks to Karma and Rivkah!

One more time I want to thank Karma from Slouching Towards Extimacy and Rivkah from Medieval Manuscripts Online for helping to pick up the slack on the Wordhoard while I was sans good computer access. Karma, why didn't I manage to see you at K'zoo?


  1. Thanks for the opportunity! I have a better respect for the sifting of miscellanies after that stint:)

  2. Thanks for the chance to do it - it was fun!

    I'm sorry to have missed you! A combo of my horrible writing process and your speed-of-light trip through contributed, I imagine. I spent Thursday in my room writing the darned paper for Friday, and I missed you Friday because we had sessions at the same time. Not sure I would have recognized you anyway without the bow tie :-)

    On the SCA note you mentioned in your later post - when I was going through security in Flint wearing a Goliard t-shirt, the security guy started a conversation with me. Turns out he used to be in the SCA and knows more about obscure period armor than I will ever know. The folks behind us in line were getting a bit annoyed. They weren't medievalists though, just in a hurry to get to one of Flint's busy (heh) gates or another...