Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trebuchet Bleg

My Cub Scout pack has a Scout-o-rama coming up next March, and since we have a medieval lit prof, a medieval history prof, and two engineers among the fathers, we are strongly considering building a trebuchet as a pack.

Does anyone out there know where we might find a suitable design for a trebuchet? We definitely want something that's a real father-son project, so a design that's too complicated for elementary school boys is not a problem, just so long as it can be broken up into managable pieces.

Also, it's important that the trebuchet be able to launch sometime ostentatious. One that can only lob golf balls or baseballs is too small -- but one that can launch a melon across a field and splatter it on (or near) a target is just the kind of thing elementary school boys can get excited about.

Let other packs demonstrate wildlife conservation or how to build rope bridges. We'll be demonstrating how to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!

A typical Pack 41 den meeting


  1. While I don't have plans for you, keep us all posted on what you do find! Sure as heck sounds like it beats cub cars. Heck, if you can use it to launch melons maybe you could do the same to cub cars that refuse to win.


    They have kits. They also have a sister site:

    Good luck. One of these days I plan to build one.