Friday, June 26, 2009

Update Your Blogrolls!

Here are a couple of medieval blogs I'd never seen: Medieval Research with Joyce, and Medieval Bookworm.


  1. Thank you for the never-ceasing stream of information and, especially, the MMM. I've found many interesting articles and links that I would never have discovered otherwise!

    Oh, and may I ask if there's a reason why neither Medieval Silkwork nor my blog are in your blogroll, though you mention us both regularly in the MMM?

  2. Feh ... probably because I added them during the months Blogrolling was down.

    I had thought I finally got the blogroll & RSS feed caught up with one another, but occasionally I still find some slipping through the cracks. It should be rectified by now.

  3. It is - thank you very much!

  4. Adding Medieval Research with Joyce to my reader; wasn't familiar with that one either. Thanks, Scott.